18Nov 2018

How Do You Per Diem?

Posted by : Olugbemisola

Per Diem is a Latin term that literally translates to “per day” or “for each day.” In the legal realm, per diem is used to describe an attorney who is making a court appearance for a firm or attorney for the day. You may want to utilize per diem legal services for a variety of reasons. It is usually a convenient and cost effective legal solution for managing a caseload, dealing with emergencies, last-minute scheduling conflicts, or overall maximizing your efficiency. Here are a few tips when it comes to picking per diem coverage for yourself or your firm.


Hiring a per diem with a good rapport is always a plus. This is important for many reasons. From Judges to adversaries, attorneys with a good rapport are often treated with leniency and understanding. This ultimately leads to more “wins” in court.

Relevant experience

Although many per diems are jacks of all legal trades, it is always good to hire counsel who is at least a master of one. While doing your research, you may come across counsel who is well versed in criminal court and has an excellent rapport in those parts, however, you have a foreclosure case and you represent the homeowners. Chances are you’d want to chose an attorney who knows the ins and outs of foreclosure law, to give you a better chance of “winning” or completing the task at hand. Anything can happen in court and you want to be represented by attorneys who can handle the unexpected and prevent more work or more appearances on your end.

 Stranger danger

Would you hire a babysitter without properly vetting them? Most likely, your answer is no. For most attorneys, cases are like their legal babies and they want their case or court appearance to be in good hands in the event that they are not able to attend. It’s never a great idea to hire an attorney that you don’t know. Although you can’t know someone fully in an emergency situation, there is always time for a five to ten minute chat and a quick Google search to fact check the conversation. If worse comes to worse, hire counsel that is referred by someone you know well and trust.

Hiring a per diem attorney does not have to be an unnerving experience. Follow the tips above to get the most out of utilizing per diem legal services.


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