Monthly Archives: December 2018

Trump’s Assault on Asylum Blocked Again

Back in June, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a change in US policy when it comes to those who apply for asylum. Those seeking asylum would no longer be able to do so by citing fears of domestic abuse or gang violence. This announcement reversed an Obama era policy that allowed more women to […]

One Question Employers Shouldn’t Be Able To Ask

During the hiring process, the stakes are high for both employer sand employees. A bad hire can cost an employer a lot of time and money. For employees, accepting the wrong job can stunt one’s career and lead to job unhappiness. Despite the risks for both sides, employers often seem to have the upper hand […]

When Do You Need Consent?

All lawyers, and even laypeople, know that the strength of any case depends in large part on how strong the evidence is. As Lorenzo (played by Denzel Washington) said in the movie Training Day, “It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove!” Often, legal disputes can stem from misunderstandings, confusion and/or outright lies. […]

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