Monthly Archives: September 2018

Is The Client Always Right?

Nobody wants to be told this by their client. Whether you like it or not, every solo practitioner or major law firm, no matter how powerful, answers to someone: the client. Despite our best hopes, practices and training, problems with clients inevitably arise. Whether they’re mad about their bill, the progress of their case, or […]

The Art of Cross-Examination

Many a legal career has been pursued because of popular courtroom dramas. Whether it’s Tom Cruise’s character in “A Few Good Men” or “ADA Jack McCoy” in “Law and Order,” the cross-examination is often the climax of courtroom dramas. Unfortunately, real-life cross-examinations are never as exciting, or as dramatic. The chances are slim that a […]

A Message Of Unity

An old African proverb states “A single stick may smoke, but it will not burn.” I would like to thank the Nigerian Lawyers Association for electing me as President of this illustrious organization. It is a great honor that I do not take lightly. I stand before you humbled that you have chosen to place […]

Protecting Your Client’s Data Is A Must

  Whether it’s Equifax, eBay, Yahoo or Ashley Madison, high-profile data breaches have skyrocketed in recent years. Data breaches can be disastrous and cause embarrassment for an impacted company. Businesses are forced to notify their customers, pay legal fees to defend against lawsuits that might result and spend thousands of dollars on cybersecurity services to […]

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