12Jan 2015

The National Voice of the Nigerian U.S. Legal Community

Posted by : Nexus Sea

The Nigerian Lawyers Association is the national voice of the Nigerian legal community in the United States, and is committed to advocacy on issues of importance to the nearly 400,000 people of Nigerian heritage living in the U.S.

Although, for nearly two decades, the NLA has represented the interests of Nigerian lawyers and the Nigerian community in the diaspora, we are mindful that our mission is as vital today as it was the day of our founding in 1999.

The NLA’s goal is to advance the professional needs of its growing members and to provide leadership and advocacy for the legal needs and interests of the Nigerian community in the United States and around the world. While most members are of Nigerian descent, Nigerian citizenship is not a requirement for membership.

The NLA’s principal objectives are to: (1) Cultivate jurisprudence, facilitate and advance the fair and equitable administration of justice, serve herbal viagra alternative the needs of members of the Nigerian legal community, as well as aid the Nigerian community as a whole in their understanding of and access to the law; (2) Provide professional development, business development, and networking opportunities to our members and sponsors; (3) Strengthen the legal education pipeline by creating opportunities for law students of color through partnerships with corporate America, Nigerian law firms and companies, nonprofit organizations, and the public sector; (4) Empower the Nigerian community through legal, financial, and educational literacy initiatives; and (5) Advocate for solutions on issues that affect the Nigerian community, both here and abroad.


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