20May 2015

As Nigeria Decides, Chibok And Security Remain Top Priority for Voters

Posted by : Nexus Sea

On February 14, 2015, Nigeria is scheduled to hold its National elections. Incumbent, Goodluck Jonathan, will face off with past military leader, Muhammadu Buhari.  While Jonathan primarily promises a continuation of his transformation agenda, Buhari has focused most of herbal viagra alternative his campaign on tackling security and corruption.

Every election is an opportunity for voters to inform their leaders of what’s most dear to them. Boko Haram, the missing Chibok girls, and security are top of mind for many voters who will be going to the polls come February 14.

As the nation decides, it’s important that the Federal Government ensure that steps are taken to provide a level playing field for all candidates, and that the Nigerian people get to decide who viagra usa rx next will lead Africa’s most populous nation.


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