The NLA is a national non-profit professional bar association, head-quartered in New York — with a membership comprising of some of the best legal minds in the U.S., including top law firm partners, Fortune 500 corporate counsel, and various private and government attorneys — which represents the national interests of Nigerian legal professionals and the growing Nigerian community.  For over a decade, the NLA has represented the interests of Nigerian legal professionals.

The NLA’s core objectives are to improve the administration of justice in the United States and Nigeria, and to advance legal education and professional development within the legal community.  Some of the NLA’s ongoing programs include its scholarship program for law students, conducting pro-bono legal clinics, organizing seminars and panels, continuing legal education courses, and legal internships.

However, none of the NLA’s activities would be possible without its proud sponsors.  Through sponsorship and partnership, the NLA works together with its sponsors to achieve mutual objectives and to add its voice to the voices of its partners.

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