Dear NLA Members and Friends of NLA,

I write to thank you for the distinct privilege of serving as President of the Nigerian Lawyers Association (“NLA”), and to introduced myself and fellow members of the NLA executive board. We are each humbled, privileged, and honored to serve the NLA, and we truly look forward to an exciting and impactful year.

I have already met several times with the executive board, which includes Shereefat Balogun – Vice President; Lydia Hills – Secretary & P.R.O.; and Conway Ekpo – Treasurer, to begin to chart our course for the year. We have bold and lofty ideas, but they are certainly achievable goals, and I feel privileged to work with this executive to work towards attaining them.

We recognize that we stand on the shoulders of all former executives and the many committed NLA members before us. We also understand that it is important that we work together to ensure that with each new year, including this one, we continue to make strides towards achieving the NLA’s objectives.

Our focus this year will be on:

  1. (1) increasing the visibility of the NLA through networking and strategic relationship building;
  2. (2) expanding NLA membership; and
  3. (3) increasing community outreach.

We seek to facilitate events that will bring Africans from various professions together to network for everyone’s collective benefit. Africans in the diaspora are leaders, subject matter experts, and/or high achievers in our respective fields, and we seek to harness our individual successes to build a thriving professional community built on: (1) community outreach and open dialogue; (2) working together to forge mutually beneficial professional relationships; and most importantly, (3) getting to know each other in order to build lasting friendships.

These are the three pillars in which we hope to build upon. We call upon all members to join us in our efforts and invite volunteers who may wish to serve on committees to reach out to us. We also welcome your ideas. Please feel free to let us know if you have interesting projects you would like us to work on. We believe in strength in numbers, and I strongly believe there is nothing we can not achieve if we work together. I thank you again for the privilege to serve you, and I hope to meet each and every one of you soon.


Nexus U. Sea

President, Nigerian Lawyers Association

305 Broadway, 14th Floor

New York, NY 10007


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