30Jan 2015

An Eye Toward Growth In 2015

Posted by : Nexus U. Sea, Esq.

NLA President, Nexus U. Sea, Esq.

I’d like to welcome you to a new year and the new Nigerian Lawyers Association website.  Revamping our look, online presence, and administrative capabilities, was one of the first major initiatives taken on by this Administration.  I’m happy to report that after nine and half months of production, and more than a few obstacles along the way – including an arbitration fight (which we  won) – we’re finally live.

Reaching our goal took patience, resolve, and the willingness to invest and plan for the future of our organization.  I’d like to give a special thanks to Conway Ekpo, Esq. and Lydia Obasi-Hills, Esq. for their overwhelming generosity and support of this project.   A project of this scale could not have been possible without their contributions and I applaud them for their commitment to the NLA.  I would also like to thank our Young Lawyers Committee members, namely, Stephanie Ijoma, Jennifer Okafor, and Diepiriye Anga, who worked tirelessly on the website transition.

One might ask why a new website was, or is, so important to this Administration’s program? There’s one simple answer – “Growth”! Growth has been a core objective of this Administration and the new NLA website will serve as our foundation for growth.  With our new capabilities, NLA members can sign up and register from any where in the country, or the world, and future administrations will be able to communicate with, and keep track of, all its members with not only relative ease, but also through a more individual and personal basis.

Every NLA member will now receive immediate utility in exchange for their dues through a robust online profile, which provides each lawyer (and law student) with an online presence to highlight their skills and qualifications.  Each member will have the capability to manage their profile pages seamlessly and independently – just like managing a Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Moreover, no longer will potential clients looking for Nigerian lawyers have to e-mail the NLA Secretary for a referral. All potential clients can now search for lawyers through a powerful search protocol located at the top of the site, which can search our lawyers by name, practice area, or title.  Currently, my profile is the only online profile that is active, but with time, our site will comprise of hundreds and thousands of lawyer profiles, making it easy for would-be clients to find the expertise they need.

We’ve also provided online real-estate for journal writing and legal scholarship, and now all job postings can be found in a central location.  To ensure we have proper checks and balances, protocols have also been put in place to ensure that each membership application and profile must be approved by the Administration before profiles are published to the site for public viewing.

As we look forward to a new year, I’d be remiss not to acknowledge the strides we made in 2014.  The NLA had a significant programming calendar in 2014, which included: (1) our widely successful “Africa Connect” networking series; (2) our successful “Networking With A Purpose” event, which discussed networking and personal branding with in-house counsel from AOL and National Grid, a U.S. Attorney, a law firm counsel, and a law firm partner, as panelists; and (3) our law school exam writing courses – the last of which was held at Columbia Law School – among others. In 2014, the NLA was also nominated for (and received) a Nigerian Centenary Award for its positive impact on the Nigerian community in the diaspora. As we focus on growth in 2015, you can be rest assured that we’ll continue to provide top notch programming for our members and our community as the year progresses.

We are off to a great start, and we start the year truly excited about the prospect of the new opportunities that lay ahead.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated with our progress, continue to recognize the privilege of service, and will try our absolute best to represent the best interests of the Nigerian and African community and Nigerian lawyers in the United States, and beyond.

Sincerely yours,

Nexus U. Sea
President, Nigerian Lawyers Association
305 Broadway, 14th Floor
NY, NY 10007
(212) 589-4677

Associate, BakerHostetler
45 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10111
Tel: (212) 589-4677





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