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Why Join the Nigerian Lawyers Association?
NLA membership brings together a network of attorneys of common heritage who strive for excellence in their practice of law. NLA membership is especially designed to advance your career and improve your practice. For excellent networking opportunities and professional development, NLA membership simply makes sense! Membership benefits include the following:


  • Continuing Legal Education
    NLA offers several Continuing Legal Education seminars approved by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board to its members and other lawyers.
  • Job Listings
    NLA draws on its extensive network to bring members updated listing of available jobs and opportunities to advance your career.
  • Legal Referral Service
    NLA helps to advance your practice. NLA connects its members with those who have reached out to the NLA to locate attorney services.
  • Join Committees
    NLA Membership allows you to get involved. Committee membership enables you to become active in the Association’s affairs while Section membership helps advance your career.
  • Pro Bono Projects
    NLA offers its members unique pro bono opportunities to serve the public anywhere around the world and on a broad variety of different issues.
  • Law Student Membership
    Law students in good standing in accredited institutions and not admitted to practice are eligible for Student Membership. Law student members are entitled to all privileges of the NLA except for voting and holding office.
  • Membership Dues Discount & Waiver Program
    Attorneys who are presently unable to afford full membership dues due to temporary inability may qualify for discounts or waiver of the membership dues.


Join NLA Now!
Join the NLA using our online membership application form. If you prefer to join the NLA by mail or fax, please download the offline membership application form and follow the instructions to return it by mail or fax to the NLA. Please allow 2 weeks from receipt of your membership application form for processing.

Renew your Membership
If you are already an NLA member and would like to renew your membership, please click here.


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